Rainbow Trout Products

Rainbow Trout has been a farmed species for many years in Canada and the world. Cold Water Fisheries has been perfecting our process since 1988 to deliver what has become one of the freshest highest quality fish products in the seafood counter. Our main lines are fresh products where we offer various trims in a pin bone removed fillet and a dressed form in both large and small sizes. Rainbow trout lends itself nicely to a vast assortment of preparation methods only limited by ones imagination. Look to our Recipe Section for a few of our favorites.



  • Premium Fresh Pin Bone Removed Fillets ranging in size from 8 to 20 ounce (227 grams to 567 grams) packed in 10, 20 or 30 pound boxes

  • Premium Fresh Dressed (Head on Gutted) ranging in size from 1.5 to 3.5 pounds (680 grams to 1.6 kilograms) packed in 10, 20 or 30 pound boxes

  • Frozen ManitoulinTM Pin Bone Removed Fillets individually quick frozen (IQF) and vacuum packed in a 2.5 pound bag Canadian labeled store ready

  • Frozen Hot-Smoked Fillets individually vacuum packed in Natural,Maple Hickory, and Cajun flavors

  • Frozen Cold-Smoked Fillets individually vacuum packed

  • Frozen Skinless Rainbow Trout Portions IQF 5 lb bags 

  • Frozen Rainbow Trout Tail Pieces 2.5 lb Bag

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